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JPIA hosts its 1stGeneral Assembly Primer and Annual General Assembly


            The University of Cebu-BaniladJunior Philippine Institute of Accountants hosts its 1st GeneralAssembly Primer in the Moot Court on June 17, 2010 at 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. Thesaid event was conducted for the preparation of the General Assembly and toexplain to the fellow JPIAns what things and matters that must be prepared forthe General Assembly. In addition, the primer was the best way for theorganization to know more about the neophytes of JPIA such as the freshmenBachelor of Science in Accountancy(BSA) and Bachelor of Science in AccountingTechnology(BSAct) students and the new members of the organization, theBachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Managementstudents. Among others, the things discussed were about the JPIA Organizationand Organization's funds. On the other hand, there were also games conductedsuch as Mind-Cracking Games as well as Getting-to-know-each other activityLevel Up.

            On the other hand, the organizationconducted its Annual General Assembly in the AVR 1 from 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. Theguest speaker of the said event was Rene Boy Lebores, a University of Cebu-MainCampus Bachelor of Science in Accountancy(BSA) graduate and the TOP 6 of theMay 2010 CPA Board Exams. The speaker shared to the aspiring students about themakings of the CPA and the secrets of topping the board exams. Moreover, healso shared his life before and what are his visions in life as well asaspirations after graduating and gradually topping the CPA board exams. Theorganization was overwhelmed to have Rene Boy Lebores in the Assembly.

            The agenda of the said Assembly wereas follows:

Presentationof the Amended JPIA By-laws (discussed by Monriud Cabahug, JPIA President andLaurence Lim, JPIA Executive Vice President);

Presentationof the Activities for the upcoming Accountancy week on July 2010 (discussed byKarla Balneg, JPIA Vice President-External Affairs);

Presentationof the Accomplishments in the last school year 2009-2010 (Movie Presentation),

Inductionof Officers (conducted by the previous JPIA officers),

Presentationof Liquidation Report as of June 30, 2010 (presented by Rina Jean Fruta, JPIAFinance Officer- Records)

Discussionof Dues (by Meriam Lorraine Gaviola, JPIA Finance Officer-Custody of Funds).


            The officers inducted for the SchoolYear 2010-2011 were:


President:                                            MonriudCabahug

ExecutiveVice President:                   LaurenceLim

VicePresident-Internal Affairs:         LloydStephen Orlanes

VicePresident-External Affairs:        KarlaBalneg

Secretary:                                            JazelMae Hisoler

AssistantSecretary:                            RafaelMejia

FinanceOfficer 1:                               MeriamLorraine Gaviola

FinanceOfficer 2:                               RinaJean Fruta

Auditors:                                             JeanreyCordova


PressRelation Officers (P.R.O.'s):     RogelynRubillos

                                                            AlanUrsal Jr.


4thyear Representative:                       Ma.Elisa Pañales

3rdyear Representative:                       Ma.Regina Claire Magallanes

2ndyear Representative(BSA):            Ma.Linda Travero

2ndyear Representative(BSAct):         JaysonPaderog

1styear Representative(BSA):                        LeonardKevin Garcia

1styear Representative(BSAct):         Ke Anj


            While there were agendas beingfollowed, the following non-academic events were also conducted in order tohave representatives for the forthcoming Accountancy Week 2010. The victoriouscontestants who emerged as winners were as follows:


ExtemporaneousSpeaking:                 Sheryl Benitez

TallTales:                                            Vernie

JPIAIdol:                                           Ma.Lynley Corocoto

EssayWriting Contest:                       MaryClaire Tabal

PosterMaking Contest:                      JaredPaul Natinga



            It was also a privilege to introducethe advisers of the University of Cebu-Banilad Junior Philippine Institute ofAccountants(JPIA) to the members of the organization. They are: Marvin Naraja,CPA, Janice Josol, CPA, Ma. Jenely Mier, CPA and Mirasol Orcine, CPA. The hostsof the said event were Lloyd Stephen Orlanes, JPIA Vice President-InternalAffairs and Meriam Lorraine Gaviola, JPIA Finance Officer 1.


            The saidevent was successful and fruitful because of the active participation of themembers of the JPIA and the undying and unconditional support given by theofficers, facilitators and most especially the advisers of the organization andthe chairman of the College of Accountancy, Accounting Technology and BusinessAdministration, Christopher Biore, CPA.


Accountancy Week Highlights


            As part of the annual project ofCebu-Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants(CF-JPIA) and throughthe help of ever-supportive Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants(PICPA)-CebuChapter, the Accountancy Week which was held on July  17-24, 2010 was indeed a big memorable andspectacular event for those aspirants of becoming Certified Public Accountants(CPA's).

            Thesaid event was participated by different schools which offers Accountancyprograms, namely: University of Cebu-Banilad Campus, University of Cebu-MainCampus, University of Cebu- Lapulapu and Mandaue, University of San Carlos,University of San Jose Recoletos, University of the Visayas, Cebu Institute ofTechnology University, Saint Theresa's College, Southwestern University,University of Southern Philippines Foundation, and Cebu Roosevelt MemorialColleges which came from north of Bogo, Cebu.

            Thefollowing are the CF-JPIA activities and contests by which UC-Banilad JPIAn'sparticipated during the accountancy week.


A)   PAS/PFRS ExamChallenge

B)   Essay WritingContest

C)   PSA Challenge

D)   Poster MakingContest

E)    JPIA Muse andEscort 2010

F)    Dance Palabas

G)   Business Lawand Taxation Exam Challenge

H)   AccountingQuiz Bowl Level 1

I)      AccountingQuiz Bowl Level 2

J)      ExtemporaneousSpeaking

K)   Tall Tales

L)    JPIA Idol


            Thefollowing were the activities and contests that University of Cebu-Banilad hadgarnered awards:


Activities and Contests




Accounting Quiz Bowl Level 1



Anthony Castro

Jeanrey Cordova

PAS/PFRS Exam Challenge



Jeanrey Cordova

PAS/PFRS Exam Challenge



Karla Balneg

Monriud Cabahug

Jeanrey Cordova

Rina Jean Fruta

Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

Business Law and Taxation Exam Challenge



Monriud Cabahug

Business Law and Taxation Exam Challenge



Rina Jean Fruta

Business Law and Taxation Exam Challenge



Karla Balneg

Monriud Cabahug

Rina Jean Fruta

Jazel Mae Hisoler

Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest



Sheryl Benitez













JPIA Leadership Congress unitesuniversities: UC Banilad JPIA studes emerged


            Academic competition among universities andcolleges in Cebu province was not a hindrance for the Junior PhilippineInstitute of Accountants(JPIA)-Cebu and Region 7 Federations to come togetherfor the First JPIA Leadership Congress held recently.

            Aspiringleaders from  University of Cebu-BaniladCampus, University of Cebu-Main Campus, University of Cebu- Lapulapu andMandaue, University of San Carlos, University of San Jose Recoletos, Universityof the Visayas, Cebu Institute of Technology University, Saint Theresa'sCollege, Southwestern University, University of Southern PhilippinesFoundation, and Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges converged in realizing thecongress' theme, “Building One JPIA Community through the challenge ofLeadership.”


            “We aim to create a new brand of studentleadership, bridge the gap among the schools in the province, and increase thesocial awareness of JPIANs,” Michael Angelo Abrarcar, JPIA-Cebu Federation,said.

            Abrarcarsaid that the activities were best suited for the delegates as they hone theirabilities to lead and as they realize their visions for their professions.

            “Theactivity was indeed significant as it promotes unity and sets aside schoolcompetitions,” Elvie Romanos, JPIA-Regional Federation officer said in aninterview.

            Romanosstressed that eradicating rivalry among those mentioned schools was the key torealize the Leadership Congress.

            Thedelegates have undergone a series of workshops prepared by facilitators AllanLlevares, Vida Aurora Llevares, and Miguel Antonio Garcia.

            Student-leaderswere grouped and were able to undergo workshops in strategic planning, fund-raising,and conflict management.

            Inaddition, the groupings were based on the eight subjects of the CPA BoardExaminations. The JPIAns of UC-Banilad who participated to the said event andtheir respective groupings are as follows:




Speech and theater ray

Karla Lim Balneg

Talent circle ray

Manilyn Fernandez

Sports ray

Jared Paul Natinga

Academic ray

Monriud Cabahug

Creative hands ray

Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

Media ray

Rafael Mejia

Facilitator ray

Ma. Linda Travero

Foundations ray

Jazel Mae Hisoler





            “Iwas very impressed with the activities done because they showed the essence ofleadership. The facilitators were very informative. I like where afteraccomplished activities, sharing of ideas was done while relating them toleadership, organization and real life,” Monriud B. Cabahug, participant andpresident of UC-Banilad Campus, said.

            Whilethe workshops were helpful for the participants in handling challenges in anorganization, the panel discussion from the invited panelists was also one ofthe highlights of the said event.


UC-Banilad JPIA participates RF and NFMidyear Convention


            Amidst the challenges and difficulties thatUniversity of Cebu-Banilad Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants faced,the move to be a member to Regional Federation and National Federation JuniorPhilippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) and to participate to RF and NFMidyear Convention was indeed exceptional.

            Whilethe organization was already a member of the prestigious Cebu Federation-JuniorPhilippine Institute of Accountants (CF-JPIA), it keeps it members abreast of renewing social relationship among them and fostering academic and leadershipexcellence and promoting professional development, camaraderie and maintain thetradition of academic excellence.

            Hence,the organization participated to the Regional Federation Midyear Convention held in University of San Carlosand University of San Jose Recoletos. The participants and there respectivecontests where:


Jeanrey Cordova-Meet the StandardsChallenge, Certified Accounting Technician(CAT) Cup 1.

Monriud Cabahug-Certified AccountingTechnician(CAT) Cup 1, Manabat Delgado and Amper Cup (Business Law and Taxationand Management Advisory Services Quiz Bowl), Punongbayan and Araullo Cup(Auditing Theory and Auditing Problems Quiz Bowl).

Karla Balneg-Manabat Delgado and Amper Cup(Business Law and Taxation and Management Advisory Services Quiz Bowl),Punongbayan and Araullo Cup (Auditing Theory and Auditing Problems Quiz Bowl).

Meriam Lorraine Gaviola-Ambassadors ofGoodwill(AOG) 2010.

Carl Joseph Tecson-Ambassadors ofGoodwill(AOG) 2010.


            Thefollowing emerged to be victorious and would represent to the NationalFederation Midyear Convention held in Marco Polo Hotel Davao City.



Activities and Contests




Certified Accounting Technician(CAT) Cup 1



Jeanrey Cordova

Manabat Delgado and Amper Cup (Business Law and Taxation and Management Advisory Services Quiz Bowl)



Monriud Cabahug

Manabat Delgado and Amper Cup (Business Law and Taxation and Management Advisory Services Quiz Bowl)



Karla Balneg

Punongbayan and Araullo Cup (Auditing Theory and Auditing Problems Quiz Bowl).



Karla Balneg

Monriud Cabahug

Harold Codaste

Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

Essay Writing Contest



Monriud Cabahug



JPIA to merge with JFINEX; UC-Banilad JPIAstudes to participate with JFINEX


            They said that nothing is permanent and thatthe world is dynamic. Well, JPIA is not an exception. Before, the University ofCebu-Banilad JPIA expanded because of the new members Bachelor of Science inAccounting Technology(BSAct) which brought challenges to the organization, now,again the organization is facing another constructive development which is themerging of JPIA and JFINEX. Hence, another set of students were added to theroster of members of the organization. Among others, the officers were facingthe dilemma to converge differences among the JPIA people and  the JFINEX studentry. However, with theaddition of adviser, Ms. Judy Ann Ferrater, MBA, together with her undyinginvolvement, encouragement and support, everything could be possible.

            Forinstance, there were pending issues as to revise and amend or freeze theby-laws. The resolution was to revise and amend the by-laws. The organizationwas renamed to University of Cebu-Banilad (JPIA-JFINEX) Junior PhilippineInstitute of Accountants-Junior Financial Executive.

            Theevident change was to change the set of officers into executive board. Hence,the previous set of officers and the current executive board was approved.


President:                                            MonriudCabahug

Executive Vice President:                   Laurence Lim

Vice President-Internal Affairs:         Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

Vice President-External Affairs:        Karla Balneg

Secretary General:                               Jazel Mae Hisoler

Assistant Secretary:                            Rafael Mejia

Vice President-Finance1:                    Meriam Lorraine Gaviola

Vice President-Finance 2:                   Rina Jean Fruta

Auditor General:                                 Jeanrey Cordova

Vice President-Audit(JPIA):              Manilyn Fernandez

Vice President-Audit(JFINEX):         Anthony Castro

Vice President-Communications 1:    Rogelyn Rubillos

Vice President-Communications 2:    Alan Ursal, Jr.


4thyear Representative:                       Ma.Elisa Pañales

3rdyear Representative:                       Ma. Regina Claire Magallanes

2ndyear Representative(BSA):            Ma.Linda Travero

2ndyear Representative(BSAct):         JaysonPaderog

1styear Representative(BSA):                        LeonardKevin Garcia

1st year Representative(BSAct):         Ke Anj


            Withthe formal commencement of JFINEX in the school, the school participated to the12th Intercollegiate Finance Competition(ICFC) held in University ofSan Carlos. The participants were: Karla Balneg, Monriud Cabahug, Jazel MaeHisoler, Harold Codaste and Leomark Villacarlos.


JPIA holds its 1st JPIA-JFINEXAccounting and Finance Academic Quizbees and Quizbowls Series


            In line with the change of the executiveboard, not mentioning the organization itself, the JPIA-JFINEX conducted its 1stJPIA-JFINEX Accounting and Finance Academic Quizbees and Quizbowls Series withthe theme: “CONVERGE: Converge our Ideals and Notionsin the Quest for Unbeatable Endeavor and Reality of Excellence” on December 16,2010 in the AVR 1. The purpose of the said event is to keep the organizationmembers updated to the current issues of accounting and finance and be able tocompete with other schools to the forthcoming activities and sort ofpreparation for the CPA  Board exams.

            Theofficers created the guidelines for the said event; namely: General Guidelinesand Specific Guidelines. The arbiters were the preparers of the questions. Thequizmasters were invited ahead of the event.

            Aftera difficult series of quizbowls and exams, the winners were:


Certified Accounting Technician(CAT) Cup 1:

1st:       Ryan Anthony Ebales

2nd:       Gemmalo Suson

3rd:       Marrione Menchavez


Certified Accounting Technician(CAT) Cup 2:

1st:       Erwin Bulawin

2nd:       Rea Salimbagat

3rd:       Oliver Mabano


Basic Accounting Quiz Bowl:

1st:       Leonard Kevin Garcia

2nd:       Jirah Morales

3rd:       Gerardo Salahid


Level 1 Accounting Quiz Bowl:

1st:       Ma. Linda Travero

2nd:       Rafael Mejia

3rd:       Ken Karyl Yorong


Level 2 Accounting Quiz Bowl:

1st:       Jeanrey Cordova

2nd:       Lloyd Stephen Orlanes



Economics Challenge:

1st:       Jeanrey Cordova

2nd:       Lloyd Stephen Orlanes

3rd:       Steffany Frances Evangelista

            JoseAlmario Velmonte


Business Mathematics Challenge:

1st:       Jeanrey Cordova

2nd:       Laurence Lim

3rd:       Jared Paul Natinga


JFINEX Business Cup:

1st:       Mary Anne Carbon

2nd:       Lendl Bajarias

3rd:       Jose Almario Velmonte






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The brilliant Jpian Monriud Cabahug bagged the 3rd place in  Auditing Theory of the NF JPIA Cup in the recetly ended 28th NF JPIA Annual National Convention on April 26 - 29, 2011 at Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran Bohol.


The young man is one of the underdogs in the elimination whom advanced to the  Top Ten for the Final Round of Quiz 2 - Auditing Theory. In the final round, a winning streak to the of a speed off the  buzzer to hit the bronze and win the award.


Furthermore, University of Cebu Banilad Jpian's also advanced to the FINAL ROUND (NATIONAL TOP TEN) Following NF JPIA Cup Quiz Bowls including














A good performance for a rookie in NF JPIA Cup.



Congratulations to all UC-B JPIAn's!!


Kudos Banilad!






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THE 28th NFJPIA Annual National Convention

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Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City


April 26 to29, 2011